Listen to our “musical” conversation with South Shore Conservatory faculty member Dianne Legro

IMG_5085Last night we were thrilled to welcome Broadway veteran, award-winning soprano, and South Shore Conservatory faculty member, Dianne Legro to our show, My Generation. Broadcast live on 95.9 WATD-FM, Dianne discussed the South Shore Conservatory’s Adult Learning programs that reach every community on the South Shore as well as the class she is currently teaching in voice, The American Songbook. Interspersed throughout last night’s show were audio clips of Dianne’s renditions of some beloved musical standards. Two of her current students, Bob and Julie,  also joined us and discussed how they decided to learning something new by taking up singing after retirement. As we learned, it’s all about having fun, keeping yourself engaged with something you love or always wanted to try, and continuing to learn and grow at any age.

Please click on the audio link below and enjoy the show!

banner2013The Arts are good for you!
There’s no getting around the fact that we all age. The good news is that aging creatively — through the arts — allows us to enjoy and embrace the process.

SSC’s Adult Learning initiative offers a full range of arts experiences – concerts, group classes, private lessons, and performance opportunities – designed to challenge adult minds, stimulate creativity and build vibrant social connections.


Dianne Legro

For more information about the class that Dianne Legro teaches, please click here.

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