By Maria Burke, RN 

Owner, Celtic Angels Home Health Care 

Many families may be reluctant to hire home care partners because of widely held, but frequently untrue, impressions of what home caregiving services are like based on things they’ve heard. But the truth is, much of that talk is inaccurate. The truth is home caregiving services often improve quality of life for both seniors and their families.

Let’s separate fact from fiction by debunking these four myths about home caregiving services.

1. Myth: Home caregiving services are too expensive

Often, families are reluctant to use home caregiving services because they believe it would be too expensive. And they are often unaware that insurance covers many necessary home caregiving services. In reality, home caregiving services are far less expensive than nursing home care. Comparatively, it makes good financial sense to opt for home caregiving services. Plus, home caregiving services allow your beloved senior to stay in a familiar place surrounded by people who love them, and that has so many benefits in terms of comfort and ease for your loved one.

2. Myth: Home caregiving services are inferior to assisted-living or nursing home care

Another common myth about home caregiving services is that they are inferior to assisted living or nursing home care. As a result, families often believe that their loved one will receive better or more consistent care in a nursing home. But this isn’t the case. 

Indeed, home caregiving services allow you to be involved and aware of the services your loved one receives in a way that is different if your beloved senior resides in a facility. Furthermore, home caregiving staff are fully trained, certified, and bonded and have extensive qualifications. And importantly, your senior loved one will receive undivided attention rather than being one of many patients in a facility.

3. Myth: Home caregiving services place seniors at risk

Families often worry that choosing home caregiving services will place their beloved seniors at risk. In reality, however, home caregiving services can often be safer than assisted living or nursing home options. Since you are in charge of the staff you select, you can fully screen them and choose a person that best fits your loved one’s needs, personality and expectations.

Your loved one isn’t exposed to the same risks as they would be in communal living. The COVID19 pandemic was a tragic example of just how unsafe assisted living and nursing home facilities can be. Indeed, when seniors live in large groups and often without adequate numbers of staff, it can be foster an environment where communal diseases spread. That’s something your senior loved one is far less likely to experience when living in their own home.

4. Myth: I should do all caregiving myself

Care partners too often place a heavy burden on themselves by attempting to do 100% of the care their senior loved one needs. This leads to burnout and can strain family relationships at a time when both you and your senior loved one would prefer to enjoy quality time together. And often, this is a result of believing the myth that your senior loved one won’t be comfortable or safe with anyone else.

However, this isn’t the case. In fact, home caregiving services give both you and your senior loved one a much-needed break. And because you choose your care partner, you can ensure that both you and your beloved senior are comfortable with the person providing their care. 

At Celtic Angels, Inc., we take your beloved senior’s safety and comfort seriously. That’s why we fully vet and train each of our care partners, and we always tailor care to your unique situation. If you are interested in exploring home caregiving services for your senior loved one, we encourage you to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation meeting with our care partners in your home. Please visit us at