Author: Metro Marketeer

Humor in Hospice? No Kidding.

By Toni L. Eaton, RN, BSN, MS, President & CEO of Old Colony Hospice & Palliative Care A good laugh. It’s the last thing you might expect when you enter the world of a hospice patient, yet humor is often an important...

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The Tables Have Turned

by Diane Snyder It’s a phrase that’s been around for about 400 years, and according to my research, it originated with board games like backgammon, when the person who was winning is now losing and vice-versa. This metaphor,...

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Strength Workouts for Busy Seniors

By Rita La Rosa Loud, B.S. “Not enough time,” is why many older adults maintain they cannot fit exercise into their daily routine. “When I retire, there will be ample time to join a fitness program.” Screech! The brakes engage,...

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