by Steve Dubin

The kids have moved away. The family home echoes with silence. Annoying repairs crop up regularly. Utilities continue to skyrocket.

But what is the right fit for you?

Assisted Living with dining delights?

How does Assisted Living Work?

For those who require some assistance with everyday tasks, but not as much as a nursing home can offer, there is assisted living. The number of inhabitants in assisted living facilities might be as low as 25 or as high as 120. Normally, just a few “levels of care” are provided, with higher levels of care costing more for residents.

Seniors who are generally active but require some assistance with daily duties might live more comfortably in assisted living settings.

Nursing homes, on the other hand, provide long-term medical care for adults with serious health issues, and their fees are higher.

Benefits of Assisted Living Facilities

• Personalized care.
• Hands-on assistance with daily activities.
• Safety and security.
• Social activities and engagement.
• Access to healthcare facilities.
• Comfortable, home-like setting.
• Independence and fun.
• More free time.

For more information about specific Assisted Living centers on the South Shore, please refer to our compiled list.

Allerton House Duxbury
Duxbury, MA
(781) 585-2334

Allerton House at Harbor Park
Hingham, MA
(781) 749-3322

Atria Marina Place
North Quincy, MA
(617) 770-3264

Barstow Village
Hanover, MA
(781) 924-5062

Benchmark Senior Living at Plymouth Crossings
Plymouth, MA
(508) 297-6518

Chilton House Rest Home
Plymouth, MA
(508) 746-9406

Fairing Way
South Weymouth, MA
(781) 660-5000

Fuller Village
Milton, MA
(617) 361-7900

Grove Manor Estates
Braintree, MA
(781) 843-3700

Linden Ponds Senior Living Community
Hingham, MA
(781) 534-7000

Oak at Island Creek Village
Duxbury, MA
(781) 285-3303

Residence at Penniman Hill
Hingham, MA
(781) 556-8121

Stafford Hill Assisted Living
Plymouth, MA
(508) 252-0478

Sunrise of Braintree
Braintree, MA
(781) 356-0190

Sunrise of Plymouth Beach
Plymouth, MA
(508) 746-9733

Village At Duxbury
Duxbury, MA

Village At Proprietors Green
Marshfield, MA
(781) 834-7885

Welch Senior Living
Rockland, MA
(781) 878-6700