From National Public Radio and TV to the nuance of retirement.
By Steven V. Dubin

John Mussoni helped tell a lot of stories in his lengthy career in radio and TV. He recently retired from the position of station manager from the Philadelphia-based National Public Radio (NPR) and TV station WHYY.

John moved back to his home state of Massachusetts and started looking at “now what?”

He saw the importance of the like-minded community in the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia – innovators who continued to connect and share ideas.

With that in mind, he rallied former colleagues from WEEI-AM, Boston (a well-respected news-focused station for many years). A reunion luncheon at the Prudential Tower where the station was located will provide sustenance well beyond the food. Shared experience, new projects, new adventures may be revealed.

“What I can tell you is that no two days have been the same since I’ve retired,” noted John. “I’m trying to take a breath and consider what do I do after working my entire life.”

One project is to capture family story telling. After putting together a slide show for his sister’s 60th birthday, it became clear to John that his family, probably similar to many, has all these photos and memories and little clarity or organization to them.

A spark.

John started talking with producer and videographer friends and has launched a family legacy concept. Using his story telling skills, he will be working with families to compile first person interviews, stories, photos and memorabilia for current and future generations to enjoy.

How do you gather the details of a story? How do you shape and edit them into something that brings it to life and captures the spirit?

Interested in getting your arms around your family history. Contact John Mussoni via email at
John continues to hone the idea. How about you?

If you know of a senior who is doing something interesting with their retirement, I look forward to hearing from you! Please email me at

Steven V. Dubin is the founder of PR Works, a lightly used Public Relations firm based in Plymouth, MA which helps small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies navigate the overwhelming options of advertising. Steve lives in Plymouth with his wife Wendy. He is a contributing author to “Get Slightly Famous” and “Tricks of the Trade,” the complete guide to succeeding in the advice business. He recently authored “PR 101,” an E-book.