By Susan Drevitch Kelly, Life Transition Coach

Are you trying to navigate your way through a profound loss in your life? This is, no doubt, one of the most complex, challenging and difficult journeys you will face in your life. Grief is complex. It is not a linear process. It has no specific timeline. In short, the grieving process is messy. Life is messy.

How your grief impacts you physiologically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually will be unique to only you—no one, not even siblings, children, relatives or longtime friends of your loved one—will experience the loss as you will. So, it only makes sense that how you heal, what helps you with your recovery, will be different than for others around you.

Recovering and healing from your loss takes time and patience with yourself, and those around you. Your grief is unique only to you because your relationship with your loved one was unique to that person and no one else. Unfortunately, there is no book or manual that will provide you will all the answers or the “formula” for recovery.

One thing is for certain; this is a journey you should not travel alone. There is great healing power in the dynamics of a grief support group. All of the members of this group coalesce and create a unique collective compassion to help you in your journey to recovery. Although each member is traversing their own journey, so many of the feelings and fears, twists and turns, ups and downs, of the grief experience are universal, and there is great comfort and support in knowing that you are “not the only one”—you are not alone.

Consider joining the Grieve Not Alone-Grief Support Group, hosted by the Scituate Senior Center and facilitated by the author, Susan Drevitch Kelly, a well-recognized life coach. This 16-session program, now in its fourth year, will launch on Thursday, Sept 21, 2023.

Each session explores a different theme in the grief process. You will learn about the various stages and phases of grief, and the impact that grief has on all facets of your well-being. We will share ideas, challenges, inspiration and hope. We will learn how to develop new strength and resolve to rebuild and find new meaning and purpose in life.

Pre-registration is required; there are a limited number of seats. For information, contact Jessica Souke, Programs Coordinator, Scituate Senior Center: 781-545-8875 x4.