By Delia De Mello

Social Security

Our Mobile Check-In Express feature makes it easier to check in if you must visit a Social Security office.
To use Mobile Check-In Express, scan the QR code located at your local Social Security office. This will allow you to check in for:
• Scheduled and non-scheduled appointments.
• Services—including requesting a replacement Social Security card, a benefit verification letter, proof of income, and more.

For Mobile Check-In Express to work, you must be at the Social Security office and have location services on. You should also make sure you’re using the latest version of your internet browser. The service is most compatible with Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. You’ll also want to:
• Ensure you are in the office when your ticket number is called.
• Enable your mobile notifications. This will:
o Allow you to receive your electronic ticket – so you know your place in line.
o Alert you when we’re ready to help you.
o Provide you with your interview location information.
o Invite you to participate in our feedback survey.
We encourage you to use Mobile Check-In Express for all office visits.
Please share this information with those who may need it.