Family legacy captured in coffee table book – Family legacies deserve to be captured and shared. Bespoke History does just that through extensive interviewing of key family members, gathering of family treasured photos and building a design that brings it all to life. Learn how your family can maintain its legacy.

As one of 10 children, Tom Hostage first wrote a book about his own large and lively family as a gift to his parents and their descendants. That book became the foundation for his second business, Bespoke History.

Already the owner/operator of a successful commercial printing business – Hostage Brothers Printing – established in 1995, Tom put out a shingle for Bespoke History in 2006. Since then, Bespoke has worked with captains of finance and industry – including two NFL families – producing privately commissioned books to capture family and institutional legacies.

Additionally, he re-defined the genre of college reunion books after founding Bespoke Reunion Publishing in 2011, working with top universities including Holy Cross, Fordham University, Lehigh University and Providence College for more than a decade. What has the journey been like. Where does it create new pathways in the digital era?

Recently, Bespoke launched a “memoir” book concept to capture a first person view of an individual’s story.

Over nearly 15 years and 31 books produced for private clients and institutions, Bespoke History has worked on several multi-generation family histories that also involved family businesses. How does the —process unfold? Listen in.

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