By Lyn Hart, Wellness Expert and Owner of Local Sunmed | Your CBD Store Braintree

Through more than 40 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, it’s my passion to provide natural, non-pharmaceutical products to our local community. Everyone deserves to go about their lives with mental and physical ease, and the Golden Years are no exception.

I hope sharing my personal journey will help you feel safe, validated, and empowered to try natural wellness alternatives and reclaim your daily well-being. For one of my customers, CBD meant finally walking without her cane. For me, it meant getting my life back. 

I first heard about CBD’s transformative benefits from my son, Jason. He was struggling with severe nerve pain, sleep, and anxiety that kept him from living his life as he wanted. While traditional treatments are effective, he knew they cause side effects, and he didn’t want to be left with a different set of issues and have it be a lose-lose battle. He looked for a natural alternative and found CBD. I watched him regain the ability to sleep and move through life without the numbing pain that once controlled him.

It was about a year later that I began going through menopause. Suddenly, I had debilitating headaches, unexplainable pains throughout my whole body, and sleep problems. I was on high milligrams of pain reliever a day and several prescription medications just to function and ended my days with something to help me sleep. Jason saw the toll these symptoms took on me and, one day watched me hobble sideways just to get down the stairs. He looked at me and said “Mom, will you just try the CBD?” 

I was skeptical, even though I believe in alternative medicine, and my mind was flooded with misconceptions. I assumed CBD was another version of THC, a form of marijuana that would make me high, drowsy, or worse. But I had watched my son’s life change with CBD supplements, and he assured me it would not make me high. I realized that I couldn’t keep going about the cycle of sedated, painful living. So, I decided to give it a try, and Jason took me on a journey for two years where we tried all the better brands of CBD out there. I felt better, but I still needed the traditional medicines that I also was using. 

Then in 2019, I wintered in Florida, and that’s where I found the brand Sunmed CBD. After about a month of consistent use, I felt better than I had in years. No more headaches, joint pain, or sleep issues. The doctor weaned me off all prescription medications and I finally felt like I was back in control of my life. This showed me that superior CBD matters.

I came home from Florida that winter and opened my store. I own Braintree’s local Sunmed | Your CBD Store, and my son Jason and I operate it. It’s a modern wellness shop with many premium formulas for better sleep, relaxation, relief, recovery, focus, energy, weight loss, and even CBD for pets. It’s our pride and joy to help educate our community on CBD and empower others to take the leap.

Fast-forward almost five years on my Sunmed CBD regimen, and I have not had a single migraine since being on these products. My life has completely changed. I feel amazing and my purpose is to share with others. One of my favorite memories is watching one of our regular customers walk into the store for the first time without a cane. Moments like these make us feel honored and fortunate to serve the people of the South Shore.

What makes Sunmed stand out from other CBD brands? Premium quality and an emphasis on education. I lead CBD 101 Zoom calls for community members who may be unable to visit our in-person location, ensuring you can learn exactly how this natural supplement works in your body. To schedule a CBD 101 consultation or product delivery, call us at 781-228-6179.

We would also love to offer 15% off your first purchase when you mention this article. It’s our gift to you for supporting local and taking the first step on your natural health journey. Together, we can help you find routine well-being again with the help of our clinically proven sleep products, award-winning relief cream, and USDA-certified organic tinctures – all third-party lab tested for your safety.

More than anything, we hope you know it is possible to feel well again.

Here’s to modern wellness and taking the first step toward a happier, healthier you. We can’t wait to meet you.

Lyn Hart, Wellness Expert and Sunmed | Your CBD Store Owner, can be reached at 381 Washington St., Braintree, 781-228-6179.