By Maria Burke, RN
Owner, Celtic Angels Home Health Care

Often, we have trouble sticking to New Year’s resolutions because we make them too strict and impractical. Plus, we want to enjoy life, right? And that’s especially true in our later years. So, this year, why not make wellness your resolution instead?
Here are four inspirational wellness goals that make perfect New Year’s resolutions for seniors:

  1. Be more active
    Staying physically active is very important for seniors. It helps preserve mobility, flexibility, and balance while lowering your risk of many diseases. And the good news is, you don’t have to commit to a strict exercise regimen to benefit. There are many ways to be more active, and virtually all seniors can participate in some form of physical activity, regardless of mobility challenges.
    Some easy ways to be more active include taking a walk around your neighborhood or home, planting an indoor garden, or dancing. Yoga or tai chi are other wonderful choices that can be adapted for mobility challenges. And even simple stretches can help seniors who are unable to leave their beds.
  2. Strengthen social connections
    Many seniors suffer from loneliness, even when they live with family. No matter how devoted family care partners are, they typically have other responsibilities that keep them busy, like working, maintaining the house, or raising children. And that can leave seniors feeling lonely.
    This year, resolve to strengthen your social connections. Try making a regular date to meet with friends, video chatting with long-distance relatives, or exchanging cards with loved ones. And consider bringing in a home healthcare agency, like Celtic Angels Home Health, to help. We can provide companionship, transportation, assistance with activities, and so much more!
  3. Get better nutrition
    What we eat really impacts the way we feel. And it’s vitally important to our health, too. This year, resolve to get better nutrition. There are so many delicious foods that are healthy to eat. And you can add foods that are packed with nutrition to some of your favorite meals, too.
    This year, try having more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and beans. Experiment with recipes to see what you like or incorporate them into the foods you already love. For instance, add blueberries and almonds to your oatmeal. Try zucchini in your pasta. Or include garbanzo beans in your salad.
  4. Nourish your spirit, too
    Nourishing your spirit means many things to different people, but it’s important to take the time to connect with your beliefs and live a life that is authentic to you. If you have a religious faith, attend services when you can, or ask about alternative methods of worship. Many services are available online, and many faith leaders are happy to visit seniors in their homes.
    Nourishing your spirit can also mean making time to participate in hobbies you love, volunteering, or engaging in mindfulness exercises like meditation. So think about the ways your spirit is nourished and resolve to dedicate more time to them this year.

Do you need help achieving your New Year’s wellness goals? We’re happy to lend a hand! Simply schedule an appointment to get started. We’ll discuss your needs and goals and come up with a plan to reach them together! Call us today at 781-331-0062 or 781-662-8700, or visit us at