80 For Brady

Review by Marie Fricker

Frick Flick rating: Five stars

I went to see the much-hyped movie, 80 for Brady, expecting nothing more than cringeworthy scenes of four grand dames of Hollywood who are past their prime and trying to act perky.

Promos from the film’s trailer showed the bubbly seniors—Lou, Trish, Maura and Betty— played respectively by Lily Tomlin, 83, Jane Fonda, 85, Rita Moreno, 90, and Sally Field, 75, taking a trip to Super Bowl LI in Houston in 2017 for the miracle win of the Patriots against the Atlanta Falcons. They are there to drool over their longtime idol, quarterback Tom Brady, who has a minor speaking role and is seen at his finest in actual game footage (cleft chin and all). Well worth the price of admission.

Our heroines suffer a series of mishaps in their quest to support their hero. They lose their Superbowl tickets, get stoned on gummies, play high stakes poker, win a hot wings-eating contest, and find a new love interest who sneaks them into the nirvana of the Patriot’s locker room with Brady and his barely clad teammates.

Did any of this seem over-the-top campy, corny or ridiculous? Not in the least. I thought it would, but the four Oscar-winning stars of this comedy are just too good at what they do to let that happen. Tomlin, Fonda, Moreno and Fields are endearing, funny, and multi-dimensional from the minute we meet them until the credits roll.

Of course, the “Golden Girls” reach their goal, as does Brady, and a good time is had by all, including this hardened movie-goer whose heart was touched by the camaraderie, love and loyalty of these four lifelong friends.

The Patriots win and so do we. The film is based loosely on the true story of five senior women who created the “Over 80 for Brady” fan club.