New monthly column explores the next big step—or misstep

By Steven V. Dubin

At age 67, I bump into old friends and colleagues and invariably the first thing they say – after telling me how great I still look, of course – is “Are you retired yet?”

Do I look that tired?  That successful?  I’m not sure what to make of that question.  Or how to answer it.

You may or may not as well.  I encourage fellow readers of South Shore Senior News to respond and add to our monthly exploration of this new monthly column titled “Retirement Dreams or Nightmares?” 

We’d like to share the secrets of your retirement success.  Or failures.  Or refusal to retire at all.

In running a “lightly used” public relations company based in beautiful downtown Plymouth, I am torn.  I really love the work our 4-person staff does each day.  There are no simple answers.  We solve a new puzzle each morning – attempting to win hearts and minds for clients.  Not any easy task, but wonderful at it unfolds. 

But I have FOMO – Fear of Missing Out.  Should I be traveling, fine-tuning my pickleball game, micromanaging my children’s lives?

Or take one from column A and another from column B?  Work a little, play a little?

Maybe you’ve completely left the workforce and are entirely happy being a nuisance at your local health club.  Or you meet the gang twice a week for coffee. 

On the other hand, perhaps you gave your notice on Friday and begged for your job back on Monday.

Or maybe you just love what you do and refuse to leave until the authorities come for you.

Your thoughts and comments can provide insight for us all.

I look forward to hearing from you, our readers! Please email me at

Steven V. Dubin is the founder of PR Works. Steve lives in Plymouth with his wife Wendy.  He is a contributing author to “Get Slightly Famous” and “Tricks of the Trade,” the complete guide to succeeding in the advice business. He recently authored “PR 101,” an E-book.