Transition counselor offers a free roundtable workshop for the first 10 seniors to respond. Starting……NOW!
By Steven V. Dubin

What do you want to be when you grow up? So, you still haven’t figured it out. Don’t worry neither have I.

Are you nearing or at retirement age?

You are in luck. Help is on the way!

Transition Counselor Beth Davis, a Plymouth, MA resident, is offering a free three-session roundtable discussion group to help you figure it out. Specifics of the facilitated, self-discovery group are being finalized, but the general format is to meet once a month for three months for an hour and a half, late afternoon, 4 p.m. or so, at a comfortable Plymouth location. The Plymouth Center for Active Living and the Plymouth Public Library are leading venue candidates.

Beth has over 25 years of experience as a professionally trained coach, facilitator, business leader and entrepreneur. Additionally, she is a real estate agent and home renovator with her husband Steve Feldman; they are agents with the Plymouth office of Keller Williams Realty. Beth has helped many seniors to transition from a “life of success to a life of significance.”

After selling the business she founded and nurtured for close to a decade, she re-focused her career on coaching and developing others through the stages of lifecycles. Her coaching clients place a high value on learning, life planning and design, and creating positive change.

Don’t expect a heavy load of homework or pop quizzes. Beth will suggest numerous books and exercises that will be helpful in the quest for self-discovery, but there will be no official syllabus. Among the titles on the recommended reading list will be “Flourish” by Martin D.P. Seligman, “The Retirement Life” by Matthew Kelly, and “Transitions” by William Bridges.

Some questions to be pondered during the self-discovery workshops are What scares me? What holds me back?

Contact Beth Davis directly to reserve your seat. She can be reached at
Additionally, if you know of a senior who is doing something interesting with their retirement, I look forward to hearing from you! Please email me at

Steven V. Dubin is the founder of PR Works, a lightly used Public Relations firm based in Plymouth, MA, which helps small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies navigate the overwhelming options of advertising. Steve lives in Plymouth with his wife Wendy. He is a contributing author to “Get Slightly Famous” and “Tricks of the Trade,” the complete guide to succeeding in the advice business. He recently authored “PR 101,” an E-book.