By Maria Burke, RN
Owner, Celtic Angels Home Health Care

The holidays will soon be upon us, so it’s the perfect time to begin planning your celebrations. Remember, this time of year can be lonely for seniors. So, as you make your holiday plans, think about how you can include the beloved seniors in your life. Here are five ways to make the holidays memorable for seniors:

  1. Spend an Evening by the Fireside
    Nothing is quite as cozy as an evening by the fireside, if you have one or have access to one. So why not make it part of your holiday celebration? After all, the fireside is a perfect place to watch a holiday movie, share your favorite memories, read stories, or play board games.
    Add some holiday snacks and mulled cider, and you have a wonderful holiday memory in the making. And don’t worry, you can participate in this activity even if you don’t have a fireplace. Electric fireplaces are a good alternative, or simply stream a fireplace on your TV.
  2. Tour the Lights
    If you are able to go out, take a tour of the holiday light displays in your neighborhood. It’s always fun to see the decorations. Many towns also have light displays that are set up for families to drive through, creating an easy way for seniors to participate in the holidays.
    While you’re out, grab some hot chocolate or another warm drink. That way, you stay nice and toasty while you’re viewing all the incredible light displays.
  3. Be Crafty
    Many seniors love to do crafts, so it’s a perfect holiday activity. And you can choose a craft that takes your loved one’s limitations into consideration. Plus, you’ll end the day with a lovely memento to keep in addition to your memories.
    So why not make your own decorations, create gifts for family and friends, or design a wreath for your door? Alternatively, try scrapbooking your favorite holiday memories. Or make homemade cards to send to loved ones. There’s always a fun new idea to try!
  4. Bake Cookies
    Baking holiday cookies is a cherished tradition in many families. Try having everyone in the family choose their favorite recipe, or opt for traditional holiday cookies.
    You’ll have even more fun if you decorate your cookies. Use cookie cutters to make fun or special shapes and decorate them with icing. Then, enjoy them at your holiday gathering or give them as gifts to family and friends.
  5. Share a Meal
    Often, the highlight of the holiday season is a large family meal. It’s a time to come together, enjoy one another’s company, and reflect on the holiday. So make time to share a meal together, in whatever way fits best for your family.
    Remember that many seniors spend the holidays alone. So if your senior loved one has friends nearby who won’t be attending their own gatherings, consider inviting them to share your meal. It’s a wonderful way to make memories and spread holiday cheer.

    Do you need assistance making the holidays memorable for the beloved senior in your life? Whether it’s providing transportation to a holiday gathering, helping with crafts, or caring for your loved one’s medical needs while you prepare your holiday celebration, the dedicated staff at Celtic Angels are always happy to help.
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