Step aboard this “My Generation” podcast segment for the tall tale of the Mayflower II.

The idea of building and sailing a second Mayflower from England to America was an impossible dream. Those behind the idea had no plans, no crew, and no money. There was only a grand vision to thank America for its World War II sacrifices.

Author Richard Stone brings us behind the scenes as he provides anecdotes from his new book Project Mayflower.

A graduate of Harvard (bachelor’s degree in economics) and UCLA (master’s degree in journalism), Stone had a long career as an executive with NBC, HBO/Time, Inc., and ESPN/Disney. In his 300-page book, with more than 60 illustrations, he compellingly describes how the saga of the Mayflower II captured the world’s imagination in the tradition to Mt. Everest’s conquest and the Kon Tiki voyage.

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